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Eastern European University Association 

Eastern European University Association (EEUA) includes TOP 50 state universities from Russia, Ukraine and CIS. Our mission is to promote associate universities of Eastern European countries across the globe. We provide easy and effective approach to majority of Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European universities.

EEUA supports the following directions of collaboration between institutions:

  • academic exchange of students,
  • tutors exchange,
  • creating joint educational programs,
  • exchange of educational products,
  • joint grant applications.

Every year EEUA takes an active part in all main educational events like conferences, global meetings, workshops and fairs around the world to explore the opportunities of further relationship development between foreign and CIS universities. We also provide a broad range of services for domestic and foreign universities in establishing long-term partnerships and collaborations.



  1. The Global Series of IUNC conferences (www.iunc.net)
  2. Universities communication establishment
  3. Promotion activities for associate universities
  4. International student recruitment
  5. International student recruitment seminars

IUNC 2016 video https://youtu.be/YnfKrzqKVbo