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СиДжей Чейл Чеданг Корп. 

            CJ's Bio Pharma business covers such products as nucleic acids, lysine, over-the-couter medicines and prescription medicines. Our bio-sector business began in 1964 with the production of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) using what were then the most modern fermentation and refining technologies. Since then, we have established production facilities for animal feed additives in Indonesia, China and Brasil, from which we produce Lysine, Threonine and the nucleic acids IMP, GMP and I&G for local use and export to the US and Europe. We entered the pharmaceutical business in 1984, and have since grown into one of the leading drug manufacturers in Korea. With our top-notch R&D capabilities we successfully developed the hepatitis B vaccine "Hepaccine".

        We also recently acquired Hanil Pharmaceutical Company, whose intellectual property portfolio includes the original drug manufacturing and marketing rights for such drugs as Mevalotin, Banan, and Herben. This acquisition has laid a solid foundation for CJ to become a competitive force in the domestic and international pharmaceutical industry. CJ is leading the domestic pharmaceutical industry. CJ is leading the domestic pharmaceutical industry with high-level marketing capabilities and an active pipeline of new products under development. We have launched a new vaccine, cytokine and antibiotic products, and are focusing resources on carsinostasis-reinforcing agents, circulation-promoting agents and diabetes remedies. Our eyes are focused on the long-term goal of entering the European and American markets with both new generic drugs, and being recognized as one of the world-leading biopharmaceutical companies of the biotech age.