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EFT Soft 

EFT Soft is inspired to assist our customers to produce superior quality products at the lowest cost. We offer a wide range of services that allow our customers to produce quality software products, at the lowest possible cost. We develop new software or modify and test your existing software based on your requirements to ensure production compliance. We also develop customized project management tools which lead to improved efficiency. For the majority of companies today, outsourcing software and system testing is the optimal solution. Outsourcing allows customers to maximize cost savings, while raising the quality of their software product. The services that our company provides are designed to optimize the quality of the products that our customers will deliver. EFT Soft helps you reduce the risk of any serious software defects, while it frees up your own intellectual and technological resources to work on other projects. Quality assurance of the systems is critical stage of the software development process. Our staff will apply their technical experience to help your company produce better products. We are proud to offer the highest quality work on every project.