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Asia Business Media, журнал 

Asia Business is a quarterly bilingual magazine on business relations between Russia, the CIS and Asia. Published in partnership with FinanceAsia (no. 1 financial publication in the region) since 2009, at the moment,  Asia Business Magazine is the only professional publication of this type currently on the market.

Featuring exclusive interviews of Lee Kwan Yew (Minister-Mentor of Singapore), Johnny Chan (Chairman of HKVCA) and Dmitri Medvedev (former Russian President), the magazine is intended for the Russian and CIS entrepreneurs who are doing business all over Asia, and for those who are about to establish businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. Every issue covers stories of business in Asia and Greater China, as well as significant business events in the region.

From the very beginning Asia Business Magazine set the goal to encourage integration in the Eurasia region as well as facilitate and promote the contact between former Soviet Union territories and Asia.

Our HQ is located in Hong Kong and now we are looking for bright professionals to join us in Moscow. Number of our subscribers grew 60% since 2011 and we look forward to developing with our team.